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Christmas Elf Letters

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Our magical Christmas Elf Letters are sure to entertain your whole family, giving insights into the funny and silly things the elves get up to at the North Pole. They can be used alongside our behaviour card packs, or as a standalone product.They are fully personalised, making it even more special. Make sure you scroll down for snippets from the letters.

Availability & Dispatch Date: All orders will be delivered in time for the magic to begin on 1st December!

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  • 24 personalised A4 letters from an elf / elves - you choose the name(s)
  • A personalised A4 letter from Santa / Father Christmas for Christmas Eve
  • 24 rich red personalised C6 envelopes (luxury 120gsm)
  • A rustic C6 Kraft Envelope for Santa / Father Christmas′ letter

Please note that packs are fully personalised:

  • We can personalise them with the names of more than one child
  • You choose the name of the elf. If you prefer to have more than one elf name, that’s also completely fine!
  • You also choose whether to refer to the big guy as Santa or Father Christmas

Snippets of the first letter …

“Santa told us that he had been keeping a close eye on us all and had chosen a few of the hardest working elves for a very special job.

These elves would get to write letters to their favourite boys and girls! Oh, I was so excited, and I could feel my heart THUMP THUMP THUMPING in my chest.”

“Santa took out a piece of paper from his big red coat pocket and started calling out names.

I had nearly given up hope of being chosen when suddenly I heard MY NAME!”

“It was then time for Santa to tell us where we would be working in December. Would it be the Toy Factory, Mail Room or Elf Kitchen this year?

I was so happy when I found out that I would be part of the Elf Reporting Team again. We get to see all the wonderful and funny things that kids get up to.

I just love making notes in my Elf Pad when I see a boy or girl being kind or singing lots of Christmas songs.

It’s such a brilliant and fun job, but it does mean that I have to spend A LOT of my time away from Santa’s Village.

My best friends have promised to tell me if anything exciting happens when I am away though.

I even have my bottle of magic dust which lets me whizz back to the North Pole whenever I want.”

As you can see, we have worded the first letter in such a way that it could be from a visiting elf, or one that will never be seen!

Funny stories the children will read about …

The letters are of course sent from your choice of elf name(s). The kids will also read about their best friends back in the North Pole. These include:

  • Barnaby and Ellie in the Mail Room.
  • Reggie, Molly and Buzz who work in the Toy Factory.
  • Some of their friends – Oscar, Bonnie and Spud are experts at wrapping the presents!
  • Honey and Fudge work in the Elf Kitchen and make sure the elves’ tummies are full of yummy food.
  • The reindeer are looked after by Rufus, Tilly and Stan. It’s stinky work, but someone’s got to do it!
  • Benji in the Magic Room, Fidget – the elf inventor, Poppy, the toy inspector and Rosie the Elf Nurse also make appearances.

As we all know, elves can be very silly, and we know your little ones will love listening to (or reading) the letters. Here are some of the themes:

  • Sharing the exciting news that they will receive elf letters up to Christmas
  • Reggie Elf wants to make an actual flying jet pack!
  • The Mail Room is flooded with thousands of letters
  • Santa / Father Christmas′ Special Star for the tree has went missing!
  • Half of the Wrapping Room Elves have Rudolph Pox!
  • Blitzen has the hiccups. Will the first test flight go to plan?
  • The Toy Factory elves attempt to wrap presents - it′s a disaster!
  • The elves take part in a ′Surprise Food Challenge′ - will it be nice or nasty?
  • Buzz invents a new Rainbow Paintbrush but it doesn′t go quite to plan!
  • There′s a terrible blizzard at the North Pole.
  • Fudge has been hiding a husky pup in the Elf Kitchen storeroom and she′s been making a huge mess
  • The elves search for the husky′s family in Mistletoe Woods
  • Uh-oh ... the new doll doesn′t cry - it wees!
  • It′s North Pole′s Got Talent. What happens when Reggie and Buzz make Santa disappear?
  • The elves attempt to break the tallest snowman record
  • Will Flash, Fawn or Breeze win the junior race in the Reindeer Games?
  • It′s the littlest elves Christmas play. What happens when Dougie uses magic dust to help him fly?
  • Santa is trying to get to grips with his new Sat Nav on the sleigh.
  • It′s the Festival of the Ancient Elves and there′s lots of excitement at the North Pole
  • The first drafts of the Naughty and Nice lists are released and a new record has been set!
  • Benji in the Magic Room needs help making lots more magic for Christmas Eve
  • Did you know that there are lots of different types of magic dust?
  • Fidget has invented a new Magical Dream Mist - designed for pets!
  • It′s Christmas Eve and the elves are making their final preparations
  • A very special letter from the big man himself on Christmas Eve