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FULL REFILL Pack – Selfie Design

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What is the difference between the FULL Refill Pack and the BASIC version? The FULL Refill contains everything from the starter pack but with a ‘we’re back’ letter instead of an introductory one (3 different designs to choose from). This is perfect if you haven’t kept the little behaviour card set from previous years, or if you would like some brand new cards.

Dispatch Dates: Last minute orders placed on or after 25th November will be dispatched on Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th November by 1st class post. Although they should arrive before 1st December, we cannot guarantee this.

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Brief summary of the concept!

This pack is for those little ones that have already experienced the magic of our packs in previous years.

It contains EVERYTHING from the starter pack but with a ‘We’re back’ letter from the elves instead of an introduction.

Your little one will be told they have been chosen again to help make Christmas magic, as they did so well before.


  • A personalised ′we′re back′ letter from the elves (in the ′Selfie′ design)
  • A Wish List & Delivery Receipt
  • A ′Your Elf′ notice (for you to complete and personalise)
  • A new set of personalised Christmas Magic Cards (23 green, 8 yellow and 4 red)
  • 4 Star of the Week Cards
  • 3 personalised Warning cards (2 ′almost got a yellow′ and 1 ′almost got a red′)
  • 4 personalised ′update′ cards for during the day
  • A personalised Magic Chart (handy A5 size) & Happy Elf Stickers
  • A ′Christmas Update′ Report (for you to complete and personalise)
  • 4 Postcards from the Elves
  • A personalised Nice List Certificate
  • A ′Thank You′ postcard from the elves
  • A Hints & Tips Sheet

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